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Tôm Chiên Hỏa Tiễn

Tôm Chiên Hỏa Tiễn

By Mama Le

Tôm Đông Lạnh

Frozen Shrimp

I AM COLLECTING PRE-ORDERS for the next shipment. Feel free to fill out pre-order with contact info so I can contact you when the shrimps are back and see if you still want the shrimps. Thanks.

Huge frozen shrimp in 1.5 lbs package size 26/30. Each package for $8 dollars. Must buy at least 10 bags or more. Farm-raised from India. Pickup in Hawthorne 3 times a week.

Orange County pickup is once every two weeks on Saturday .
This sells at OC supermarket for around $13/bag normally. You saved $20 total by buying 4 packages.

The longer the advance notice, the better it is. Thank you.

Được yêu thích 2 lần. Bỏ vào danh sách yêu thích của tôi

Được Làm Bởi Mama Le
Los Angeles, California

Số Lượng Đặt Món Ăn Tối Thiểu
$ 8
Giá Cả
Thức Ăn Đủ Cho Bao Nhiêu Người

  Nhận đơn hàng:  Có

  Đặt hàng trước:  14 ngày

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  • David


    1 Reviews
    over 35 months ago


    I ordered a few bags of shrimp from Mama Le. She was really nice and on time. The shrimp tasted fresh and they were large size. I like making dishes with shrimp for my family and the price was a steal. Will definitely order from her once I run out. Too bad we don’t have a bigger freezer so I can buy more.

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